Saturday, April 24, 2010

Time does fly really really fast!

me..otw to Miami..and stopped at this beach..yet, can barely remember its name..this pic was taken bout 4 months ago
i was at Lake Placid, border of Canada & US..
this pic was taken a week after i arrived in States.., everybody starts to lock themselves on their study chairs, revising for their final less than a month, Spring semester would be over..for those in their final year, this semester would be their last academic session..after this, no more quizzes, no more headache preparing for tests, and etc...and to these people, i wish them all the best..and of course, no matter how far we are apart, i will always cherish all the time we'd spent together..

...anyway, i need to admit that the time does fly really really fast..two years was so short..i still can remember clearly my early days in the weird i was on those days, how my seniors helped me and my friends on our banking stuff, how helpful and nice they were, taking us around Manhattan, and etc...well, it's not that i'm graduating this, i'm a rising senior, meaning that i still have one more year to spend in the States..yet, the "good-bye" feeling is already there..i don't know why!

...well, one year is not really a long way to go..i've so much planning to accomplish here...and i'm so pessimistic that i could get all these things done in a year..and this is what i'm starting to regret myself..if only i start it earlier, i'm pretty sure, this isn't gonna happen...

anyway, NYC is such a great city, full of energetic human beings..and i'm yet to see any better place to live in....but, don't get me doesn't mean that i'll stay here forever..i just want to grab/take as much knowledge/experience as possible before i'm back in Malaysia...and of course, i want to first feel like a New Yorker before being a good

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