Saturday, April 17, 2010

Our Mentality..

..i was asked by my entrepreneurship professor on why did i enroll in his class...he was amazed by the fact that many of the Malaysian students did take his class for the past few a quick response to his question, i told him that most of the Malaysians are lacking of entrepreneurial skills..and we're here, in this class, for that reason...indeed, the entrepreneurial culture is not there in Malaysia..and as expected, he was surprised by the fact...

..although it was just less than 1 min conversation, his question kept playing in my mind..from that time onwards, i'm always wondering on how much dependence we are, the Malaysian, on the jobs provided by the government..whenever, there is a high unemployment rate in Malaysia, those unemployed people will simply point the mistake to the gov..the government is doing his job la, too much bureaucracy la, and so on...i'm also wondering, is there at any time, these people are blaming themselves for their mishaps, and sufferings? aren't they feel responsible for themselves? if they do, i'm pretty sure that our economy would thrive into the next successful level..we, the college graduates, are the one who determine our country's future...we should no longer have a mindset that there is always a job waiting for us when we finish our college...the world has changed, so should our mentality...

..hence, to make it simple, i just want to stress that a country will succeed only, and if only, their people are term of economy, i guess, every one of the college graduates must acquire this so-called entrepreneurial skills..otherwise, let's just forget our ambition of being a developed country by 2020...


  1. nice topic...

    kire pasni ko pon akan keje dgn kjaan gak kan?

    so adakah ko akan jd usahawan pasni?

    adakah ko akan bayar blik kontrak ko dgn kjaan n stat ur own biz?

  2. become a good entrepreneur is not simple..u need to get familiar w/ industry, u need to have good networking, and etc..

    ..well, my plan is to work w/ gov (if being called) or any private sectors, which is dealing in industry i'm interested in...then, after 5-6 years, i'll start my own venture (if God Willing) concern is to those who are very complacent w/ their current work..if u ask many of our college grads, no one is really thinking to start their own business someday in future..for them, if they could have a good grade, there must be a job waiting for them..this attitude, for me, is not good if we want to become a developed country...

    ..also u might refer on how Americans develop their economy..everything starts w/ innovation and entrepreneurship...

  3. jewish yg byak wat innovation..US plak marketkan je dgn media power dorg..

    hnestly, aku pon mmg xmnat dlm usahawan ni wlaupon amek klas die, cm aku cncern bout mentality of our people (MELAYU).

    ngara bkembg dgn pniagaan wic untung dtg dr tax yg kite byar akn jd kekayaan negara. stiap pniagaan di malaysia kite harus bayar 40% dr untung as tax...banyak tu..

    aku dipahamkan oleh lect aku, most bisnesman (cine terutamanya) wat 3 buku akaun. 2 buku akaun tpu n 1 ag yg real. why? mau tpu. tpu sape? ni senarainye:

    1.kjaan msia (untung byk tp buku akaun tpu tulis untg ckup2 mkan, ni buku akaun ptame)
    2.pekerja (so gaji xle naik pdahal untung bapak byak)
    3.buku akaun real punye (untung sendiri)

    tu kalo ko pasan cine byak yg low profile wlaopon kaye pdahal duet bjuta2...nak lari dr bayar income tax...tu la pasal ngare kite lmbt pmbgunan pasal nak harap dana untung dr petronas je...

    mr. hassan yg ko admire tu pon mybe ade vision mcm ko gak tp tkanan politik dr ahli politik yg konon pndai sgt jg ekonomi ngara wat kacau daun lak.

    dlam paper die kate ngare kite mghadapi KETIRISAN walhal kite ni da mglami KEBOCORAN HAMPIR KERING dek kbodohan kite sndiri yg selfish sejak pnjajhan british ag...

    topic ko ni mmbuka pikiran aku, cm persoalan yg timbul, adakah ko akan jd usahawan yg mnolong negara o jd mcm usahawan cine yg wat 3 buku akaun?

    sori ye xgune english koz english aku beterabur, tkot ko pon xpaham nnt... kalo rajen tlong le translatekan tuk readers blog ko yg xpaham bahse mlayu ni...

    smoga bjaye wahai anak mlayu dlam visi ko.

  4. ..terima kasih utk komen itu...jujurnya, aku pon kurang memahami selok belok perniagaan di Malaysia..i started to learn business while i'm in the States..

    ..anyway, kalo mahu bicara soal ketirisan/penipuan, u will find it everywhere and everytime..even in the States, they would use so many different ways to avoid from paying taxes..cheating in their account book is just a small portion of that... (try to read, "rich dad, poor dad")

    ..well, my real intention is to help our own people..i was amazed when i read about Syed Mokhtar al-Bukhary..(refer to my previous post)..he did mention about how stupid we were, if our goal in business is mere to accumulate wealth for ourselves, w/o bothering to share it w/ others...

    ..terima kasih atas, i won't succeed if i'm alone..since you have the same vision as i do, let's work together (e.g. writing more in your blog, and etc)

  5. nway...aku pon bru nak bjinak2 dlm blogong for da time being, aku nak stick dgn blog ko ni koz im kinda fascinated dgn topik yg ko bawak...keep post mende2 cmni koz anak2 mlayu byak bicara ttg hal mrepek dr mende2 yg ble mmbangunkan bgsa n ngara sndiri...

    p/s: aku da gebang blog ko kat mmbe2 aku..vry nice they said


  7. ..thanks for the compliment!well, ak pon baru berjinak dalam dunia blogging nie..and sometimes, i do talk craps, too! but, i'll try my best to keep myself writing on good topics..

    ..give me ur blog link, a saying goes, "two heads are better than one!"


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