Wednesday, April 28, 2010

So far So Good! yeay

Trip to Norway:

Few things to do for the trip:

1) I-20 - sent to the school authority to get a new signature..expected to get it back within this week

2) Passport & Visa - both are good..

3) Flight ticket - already bought..cost me about to my mom..hehe

4) Insurance - got already, for a month-period..anyway, it ain't so expensive, cost me around 50usd

5) Faculty advisor - talked to her already...seemed like she was ok w/ my 3-week absence from the research slotted time

6) Credit card - this is what i'm worried about...have applied for it..but, seemed to me like i won't get any..then, i'd be in such a trouble while i'm outside the US..the only reason that hinders me from having credit card is the fact that i don't have any SSN..come one, it's not i don't want to work..i did apply for it..but, i had no luck yet..but, will find the solution for this...i must have one no matter what..if not, i'm DEAD


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