Thursday, April 8, 2010

The TRUTH has finally prevailed!

well, don't get me wrong! i'm not gonna speak about serious stuff's just me, trying to tell u guys a story based on my real experience..

okay, let's be clear...this post is not intended to badmouth somebody..neither it is to tell that, "i'm right, and you're wrong!" kind of stuff..the actual purpose of me writing this topic is to let the people, who're reading my blog,to take a lesson from it.. begin with, let me ask you this important question? how could you know that someone does really care about you? or to be more precise, how could u know that he/she is honestly concerned about u? well, i was naive back then...whenever people did me something good, i was thinking that he/she did care about me..then, i would try my very best to show my appreciation to him/her...for example, i would give that person my utmost respect, i would suppress my feeling so that i won't hurt him/her in one way or another, or i would love him/her as much i loved myself...

...but, it was actually my bad to care too much about him/her...when i'm getting older and older, i learn a very harsh fact that nobody does sincerely love you as much as your close family do [close family could be your parents, your sisters/brothers, or your aunt/uncle who you do consider as your own mom/dad]..the other persons who seem to love you are actually the liars..they would be with you, whenever they think they could gain something...otherwise, when you're in a needy state, [contoh, bila kamu memerlukan rakan/keluarga untuk membantu kamu ketika majlis perkahwinan kamu] they won't be there for you...they will create so many excuses to explain their absences, being that they were very busy with works, they were short of money, or zillion of lame/pathetic reasons..regardless of how good the excuses would be, they are actually telling you one thing [ramai yg x sedar], "hey, who are you? i don't really care about you!", my advice here is don't love somebody too much since they would never do the otherwise! love your own close family, and don't give those persons your damn care!

--> to Mak Jai (my beloved aunty) & Uncle Lah, happy wedding day...Mak Jai, i'm so glad and happy that you found somebody, who really love and care about you...i pray to GOD that you will be happy for the rest of your life...i'm very sorry, and kinda sad that i'm not there during your big day...i believe our late (atuk& nenek) will be happy to see you, wearing your wedding dress...damn, i miss u a lot!


  1. Kindness and love are like boomerangs, they return.

  2. i hope so..but, i just can't believe some people anymore! haha

  3. jgn expect dpat kbaikan bile wat bnde baik, just do it dgn nawaitu kerana Mu ya Allah...aku berbuat kebaikan (jaga hbungn@wat bek dgn mnusia lain)dgn mmprcayai kasih sygMu yg tiada batasan kpada stiap hambamu..

  4. thanks for the advice..i'm now a learned person, hopefully!


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