Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Networking Event!

...i can't sleep tonight...maybe because i'm so happy that i did manage to finish all my hw's even i was not in a good mood for the last two weeks...thank God, i survived the worst/meaningful experience in my life (now, i'm a learned person)...anyway, let's go straight to the point..

yesterday, i was fortunate to have a very pleasant evening w/ some engineers from URS..during the dinner, i had a chance to talk w/ them about my future career opportunity..well, at the same time, i was taught on how to conduct myself when i'm in any business event..i honestly hate the latter part since there were too many protocols.."wait, you cannot put your spoon like that! put it this way...bla bla bla!" those etiquettes kill me, seriously!

...anyway, i just had a good talk w/ Matt (now, a structural engineer in URS and also a Stevens alumnus)..we talked various of topics, and i was surprised to know that he spoke more than i did expect..and while we were talking, there was a guy, sitting beside me, asked Matt a very funny question..i cannot remember the exact question, yet it was something like this, "Matt, how do you remember all stuffs you learnt in college?" lol..everybody on the table was like, "WTF!"..by the way, for me, it was indeed a good question..and to be honest, i almost asked the same question to Matt..lucky me! tho Matt was shocked when he heard that kind of question, he did answer it..he admitted the fact that it's almost impossible for someone to remember everything..yet, if one could remember most of them, it would give a good advantage for him/her in term of career advancement..and later, he shared w/ us 2 things about his current work..first, he ends up doing the same thing over and over again..second, there is nothing most frustrated except when your proposal is rejected by the management team.. anyway, at the end of the dinner, he did advise us to carefully chart our future career plan..in life, the same opportunity doesn't come twice..once you miss it, than you can just forget it..

...by the way, to all my friends who are graduating soon, i wish u guys my best luck..do whatever u think is the best for you...don't care much about what others might say..they have no right to condemn and make decision for you since they don't really know you..you are the one who can decide your own future...always ask from God to guide you to the right path!

* i don't have pics, taking during the dinner, to share with u...i just don't like pics!


  1. so pe ko dpat dr networking event nih?

    aku de soklan tuk ko:


  2. aper yg dapat? byk kot..as i did mention in the post, we did talk lots of topics...from engineering & business perspective..and the most important, these guys, they were very nice in sharing their experiences..

    ...business card? x der, but i got one of their managers' email for follow-up purpose...and indeed, i passed my resume to them..


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