Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tok Pa is coming to NY soon!

Alhamdulillah, Praise be to Allah, who promised his faithful slaves victory and was a good day for me..i managed to attend my morning class, after a long absence! lol

...anyway, while i was in a lab this morning, i got a call from 'someone' i knew back then..he told me that Tok Pa is coming to NY this May...and Tok Pa wants to see the Malaysian students over here..well, that's good i guess...with his current portfolio as a Malaysian International Trade and Industry Minister, i'm sure the students have many questions to ask.. the way, the meeting is not confirmed yet..thus, i don't want to elaborate that matter in further details..but, i prefer to share w/ u my own view about Tok Pa.. be honest, I wasn't familiar w/ Tok Pa few years ago, since he's used to be a low-profile politician..but, as my friends and I met him last year, for a breakfast, i've becoming excited to know him personally..yet, till now i haven't the chance to do so..

..but, looking back to my first time meeting him, i was so impressed with his personality..tho he's a senior politician, with vast experience in administrative stuff, i found him to be a very humble person..he spoke to us like he's nothing...and he spoke very softly, like a father used to talk to his beloved son..but, i know, he's a tough guy, tho his physical appearance doesn't seem so..besides, he's very simple in his dressing..and one thing that i really revere him is the fact that he's very comfortable dealing with us, the students..and i still remembered when i was late for the breakfast, and he was already there...well, he could come late for the breakfast since we're not the 'important' figures anyway..instead, he chose to come early..

..anyway, that's Tok Pa, i've known from my own matter what people might say about him, he's still a very kind and nice politician to me...and that belief will remain the same unless it is proven otherwise..and for that, i'm kind of excited to meet him when he comes to NY..

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