Tuesday, April 20, 2010

after all, we're all the same!

..today was not so good for me..but, as i was strolling around Hoboken by myself, someone texted me...well, it's kinda rare for her to text me at unusual time like this..yet, she did tell me that she had a bad day..she didn't get what she expected to..knowing her from my own view, i know she was not this weak..

..but, i was confused on how to console her..well, girls sometimes are hard to understand..you think you're doing the right thing, but end up the other way from their perspectives..yet, i guess that's why many people say that, there is no need for a guy to understand his girl..instead his task is to love her..i do agree w/ this..

..anyway, back to the story, i told her that i was having such a bad day too..but, i stressed the part that i won't give up..and i remember i replied by reminding her to take a lesson from what had happened to her today...that's the reason why God test us, so that we could be a better person..it's not God doesn't care about us, it's indeed a way that God shows His love to us...

...to make it short, she said, she'll try her best to make a lesson from today's bad day..and the funny part is, she offered me to tell my problem to her..(haha..see, how things work..you're indeed in a bad shape, but, when you notice someone is in trouble, you would always want to help him/her)...but, i refused to share my part of story..

..and my point is that, don't feel so bad about yourself...there's always somebody out there that has much difficult times than you have..i told myself that, "after all, we're all the same!"

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