Friday, April 16, 2010

It was just terrible, yet.........

..i'm done w/ my first elevator speech..i thought it was simple, yet it turned to be the most terrible presentation-experience i had ever have..basically, it was just 3 mins presentation...u would be an entrepreneur, trying to sell your business idea to some potential investors...these investors would then decide either they are interested w/ your idea or not once you finish ur presentations..[for my case, there was no real investors..just students, acting like investors].

..but, of course, there is only one entrepreneur resident in my class..the others are just undergrad + grad students..yet, most of these grad students are working in business area...hence, they are more critical in evaluating any business idea as compared to me, and my undergrad classmates.. begin with, i was the first out of three pitchers presenting yesterday..i just simply knew that it would be very hard to be the first one..but, i decided to give it a try...normally, the whole class would take like 20-25 mins to condemn the ideas presented by the first pitcher...the second & the third would then have easier task due to time constraint..

...thus, i had expected from the very beginning that i would be thrown w/ many killing questions...and it happened indeed! my first question was like, "how could you make money from this?" and the questions went on and on, till at one point i was like, "were they trying to kill/harass me?" but, as the entrepreneur resident told us, the real pitch would be much tougher...if you were not be able to convince the investors in 30 seconds, they would simply send you home...there would be no more chance since these big guys just don't have time to entertain your rubbish idea...and i think, it would be more insulting as compared to what had happened to me yesterday..

...but now, i do really understand that to be a good entrepreneur is not that should know everything so that you could present yourself better in front of should really know what you are actually doing..and i have to admit that, being in a business/management area is not easy as i'm used to think...and i dare to say that, studying engineering stuffs is much easier! but, it doesn't mean that i'm giving up to learn about business...i love both stuffs: engineering and business...but, for the latter one, i'm still unable to grasp the whole concept..

..nonetheless, the only thing that cheered me up was the fact that my prof was kinda happy with the way i did my presentation...indeed, he was shocked, i guess! unfortunately, he was a bit pessimistic about my business idea...he didn't see that it could really hit the market...and it's indeed true as it was a really bad idea!


  1. btul la tu..mmg susa nak jual idea n yakinkan investor o bank rep bl nak wat loan 4 stat biz...

    nway nice post bro...ko wat mechy engnrg ea?

  2. oo...susa tu, gud lak yea


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