Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Need of Partnership!

..i just finished my interview w/ a Malaysian entrepreneur about two weeks ago..this entrepreneur is my senior's dad..so, it was pretty easy (w/ such a tremendous help from my senior) to arrange a phone interview w/ him..

...basically the interview was to know in more detailed on how he ran his business for the last 5-6 years...the questionnaire was prepared by my lecturer..that was very helpful..at least, i could know on which direction should i conduct the interview..

..so, there were many questions, from personal to business questions..but, there was one point mentioned through out the interview, which i consider to be very helpful for me...he said that, "it's impossible for one to have a perfect knowledge in any area...so, to make sure that your business is doing well, you need somebody to help you...and that somebody must a trustworthy person, and could work on the same pace as you are! and here comes the need of partnership!"

..although this partnership topic has been thoroughly discussed in my entrepreneurship class, in which some do agree, and while the rest disagree, i still believe in the importance of partnership..let's not discuss in business perspective since friends could back stab their own friends for the sake of money...yet, let's discuss on daily-live perspective..

...okay, to begin with, let me be clear that sometimes in live, no matter how great you are, you always need someone to cling on..you can't and will never stand by yourself..and then comes the word, "marriage." in marriage, when a guy marries to a girl, it doesn't mean that the guy is weak or the girl is such in insecure position..it's indeed a complementary r/ship..a guy sometimes might look problems from gentleman's perspective, while a girl always see things in different ways from the guy..and i do believe, this difference, most of the time, will lead to misunderstanding, or else sometimes it could be even worse, up to the point they decide to break-up...although these people know the importance of completing each others, they just ignore it..so, for me, in any r/ship (partnership), each of them should be tolerated to each other..and i don't see any loss, if both of them work on the common thing, instead of the differences..and this is what, i guess, Najib does mean in his 1Malaysia concept..

..but, people may argue that partnership in marriage and business is two different things, like the sky and the earth (haha, mcm langit dan bumi)...they might say that in marriage, both partners are loving each others..and love is such a powerful tool to still connect them going thick and thin in their lives..but, in business, this "love" thing doesn't exist..for any business partners, the most important thing is money..they are willing to do everything as long as they have big money..that's why, they could end up betraying one another..and here is my view..in business, if your ultimate goal is to amass wealth for your own purpose, then partnership might not be a good way to begin with..there were such many cases, proving this..but, what if your goal is to accumulate money so that you could help the society? what if your goal is to help the needy? since the money is no longer the real aim, no one would fight for it..and the purpose of doing a business is no longer to help "oneself" but to serve "the community." and i know this is so ideal concept, and no one (especially business gentlemen) would agree w/ me..but, for those who choose not to humble themselves to money, then, this suggestion would work fine w/ u..and remember for Muslims, who have faith in the Hereafter life, don't make yourself fool..you work hard for money, but the money, itself, won't help you from the Hell..

..as a saying goes, "Don't work for money, but let the money works for you!"

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