Sunday, April 18, 2010

Let's give a meaning to OUR INDEPENDENCE!

how long have our country been independent? more than 50 years...what do we know about being an independent country? well, we can have our own people to manage our country, we can do whatever we like, we can shape our own future, and bla bla bla.... but, no one dares to ask one basic question: are we, the people, truly being independent?

..well, to answer the above question, we really need to look back into our society...we need to ask our people whether they are proud of being Malaysians or not...are they still admiring the Western people and their culture? are they still thinking that whatever comes from the West is the best? is there any inferior feeling among our people? all these are just a few out of thousands questions that we need to ask ourselves and our people...

...and after all, in order to become a true independent society, we do need to change our mentality..from just being a good follower, we need to tell our kids that someday, we, the Malaysians, could lead the world! we need to tell our kids that there is no more shortcut to be successful...we need to keep telling our kids that we are no longer a weak society, which needs helps from the gov to survive...we need to remind our kids that someday, in our own way, we could change the world to be a better place to live..we must tell our kids that we could become a great nation, in which the people are living in love and harmony...we should tell our kids that their great great grandfathers were great, so that they could be proud w/ their own cultures..and only then, we could proudly say that we are now an independent nation and society!


  1. mentality kite bole di ubah serta merta jika negara kita betul2 mgamalkan hukum islam spertimane empayar krajaan islam dulu yg sgt makmur dan kaya....dahulukan agama, dgn izin tuhan, yg lain turut terjaga...


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