Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Snippets!

1) Trip to Norway

Well, it was a big decision to make! but, thanks to Razaleigh (not the real name), who have convinced me to choose myself rather than others, I have decided to go to Norway, instead of the Midwest game..and till now, am still feeling guilty to my badminton partner, who had been working very hard, preparing for the tournament...yet, i'm a bit lucky since Syaz (also not the real name), had agreed to replace me! Not to forget, to Azam (this name is fake), who had no hard feelings when i said no to our trip to the West, which was scheduled to be a week before the Midwest game...

2) My buddy's success!

To whom it may concern;

..good job, buddy! i know u could do better than that! and since the time i met you, i know you could end up being somebody in future! i just saw a hidden talent that i rarely found in others..tho, we're far apart now (lol), my support will always be w/ u! that's what i can promise! and to tell you the truth, i'm very proud of you ! :)

3) My Aunt's Marriage :)

..i'm more than happy to know that my aunt is now married to a guy, whom i called as Uncle Lah (i called him Pak Lah before, but i just don't like the, i changed it to Uncle Lah..hopefully, he won't fall asleep easily)...

4) Elevator Pitch:

Today, i'll be doing my first elevator pitch...during that pitch, i have to convince my classmates to invest into my venture...well, now, i should think as an entrepreneur, and not more as an engineer, which means everything i see should turn into $$$$$$$$$$$$

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