Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ungrateful People!

alhamdulillah, after performing my morning prayer, i took a few mins to look back into myself.., it's a self-reflecting process..(i haven't done this for awhile since i was so busy chasing this and that in my life)..before i proceed let me tell you the importance of self reflecting process in one's life..Lao Tzu, the profoundly honored Chinese philosopher once said that, "Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is enlightenment." Looking from Islamic perspective, on the other hand, a self reflecting process is indeed very essential for our spiritual enlightenment as Allah has mentioned in few verses in the Holy Koran (34:34, 6:50)..moreover, a month of Ramadan is purposely set to encourage the Muslims to check themselves, either they are still on the path of Allah or not..Ban Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the United States, had developed 13 virtues, in which he would evaluate his conduct relative to these virtues on daily basis...

..anyway, back to my story, i checked my self by asking two basic questions: what guy has i been lately? how grateful i'm for all the "nikmat" given to me? after pondering a while, i got one answer for both questions..i realized that i've been a guy, who was too greedy, and was never content with my life..i always wanted more and more..well, to look from the bright perspective, it might be good for me since i'll be improving myself to become a better person..yet, the reality was different..what will happen if i fail to get what i've expected? here comes the question of gratitude..

..well, when talking about gratitude, it reminded me to a Malaysian guy, whom I met in the States..yeah, we're enjoying such a good r/ship so far...sometimes, i feel like he's my father in here, and most of time, i would enjoy picturing him as my own brother..and when i was at his home a few months ago, we talked about one big man can be very ungrateful..yeah, he said that as a Muslim, we need to believe that Allah is the Most Just! but, how could we define this justice...well, to begin with, i'm not gonna speak on Justice from Allah's perspective since it is out of my knowledge to do so..indeed, we are forbidden to describe God's characteristics..but, we need to understand this concept from human's view...okay let say you really ask Allah for certain things because you think that you might need them..then, when Allah grants your wish, you would become happy and start to ask more and more...but, when one of your wishes is not granted, you would feel so sad and down, thinking that Allah has forgotten about you..this is actually the characteristic of those ungrateful people, including me...what a poor!

..but, now i realized that ""Every cloud has a silver lining." Instead of thinking what i didn't get, i should start remembering all those "nikmat" that have been granted to me so far..for example, a "nikmat" of having a good & supportive family, a "nikmat" of health and the list goes one..well, sometimes i did overlook them...but, when Allah took one of them, only then i would realize its importance to my life..well, i think i need to change this attitude..i've promised myself that, from today onwards, i would start to think more on positive side..and of course, i need to become a very grateful human if i want to get blessing from Allah..

* the purpose of this story is not to bragging myself (i know some of you might think so)..i don't care what u might think of me since i'm very sincere in writing this..i really hope that people could take lesson from my mistake..i don't want people to commit the same mistake as i did only because nobody tells them not to do so! insha Allah, let's pray that Allah will grant us with His Blessings!

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