Saturday, July 10, 2010


while we were kids, we were always told to be good in 3M [Membaca, Menulis, Mengira], as good kids, we were trying very hard, days and nights, to acquire these 3 skills..we read everything from signs on highway billboards to subtitles on TV, we wrote on our mom's wall, we counted every single penny we found, and etc.. but, later on, as we got better and older, we forgot to maintain those good attitudes..we're getting more interested to watch movie, play video games, and etc..reading books is no longer our passion, writing is nothing but a wasteful thing to do, manual counting is unnecessary in the presence of electronic calculator, and etc..

but, whether we realize or not, we are not doing ourselves any good either! it's not that i am against technology as to ease our everyday's lives, but i am just worried if we do take those comforts for granted! we are being in complacent situation, in which we are very afraid to accept any challenges dared to us! we feel comfortable enough  as to become ordinary rather than striving for the best! we are content for what we have been doing, with less sense of getting more and better (it's not of being greedy)...we prefer to keep our mouth shut instead of giving our opinions, since we are afraid of responsibilities and tasks...we choose to think simple, as not to burden our minds! we decide not to challenge our understandings, since there would be a lot of works to do as to acquire new knowledge! and etc...these are just few examples of  problems facing by me and many others! so, i guess, we need to become kid again so that we can be once more a person, who is fulled of curious sense! and of course, when we were kids, we never hesitated to make mistakes, and then to learn from it! hence, let's REJUVENATE ourselves!

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