Thursday, July 22, 2010

Why Islam forbade Riba

..well, it's a long story that finally led me to learn more about shariah-compliant financial system..

1) while i was watching a match between Man Utd and Philly Union this evening, i was wondering, how great it could be if i was the owner of the Devil's club..the benefits are too awesome: sitting at a grand stand, surrounded by "huge" personalities, such as leaders of many countries, multi-billionaires, royal families, and etc (well, i cannot resist myself from dreaming big)

2) then, i was imagining myself of working w/ big a company..well, if that's the case, i won't be able to achieve my dream regardless of how much i cry/long for that..

3) all of a sudden, i was thinking of involving in stock trading..i read a little bit about the wall street before this..and it's clearly to me that the stock market is one of the best places of harvesting big cash (if we are smart and lucky enough)

4) then, dengan bersemangat, i went straight of doing some internet researches..while i was trying to understand the basic of stock trading, something popped up in my mind: "if it was so promising, why there's a downturn of Wall Street before this?" ~ something was not fine w/ this system..and then, i googled on conventional financial system..bacer2 this and that..and suddenly, i was thinking of shariah-compliant financing..

5) and dgn nafsu semakin meluap2 nk tau, i ended up reading few articles and paper works on this finance system..well, now i do understand why this system was standing still, while the conventional one went down during the previous economic crisis..and among all the papers/articles that i read, i wanna share the's very simple, yet really touched my conscience:

6) and begitulah kisah seorang budak yang sungguh entah ape2..sekejap minat ini, sekejap minat itu..last2, bukak textbook gak sbb nk survive of his academics struggle..later  ;)


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