Monday, July 5, 2010

This & That

Of Jewish, Israel, & Zionist:
i notice that there is a trend in Malaysia to become anti-Jews, or anti-Israel, or my own perspective, it's appropriate for us (as country that champions human rights) to show our anger towards the denial of Palestinians' rights by the Israel state.. i never doubt on this..but, my only concern is the "sesuka hati" term used by some of us might make the conflict even worse, in which later, i believe, would badly affect the Palestinian people at, let's be careful in selecting terms as to speak our minds..there is a different between these three terms i mentioned above.. anyway, i'd like to maintain my position that we should not discriminate these people (by becoming anti-Semitic, or else), yet we should be condemning their brutal actions towards Palestinians..that's a clear line between hating one's actions and the person itself..  ;)

Of Two-State Solutions (Israel & Palestine):
am wondering the effectiveness of this solution...if it was, why there are still conflicts aroused between these two countries! idk, for me, we should think other better solution which could satisfy both parties..God, it's so hard! but, i never lost my hope and am always praying so that Palestinian people could live their lives peacefully and effectively..amiin..

Of Preparing for a Job:
last Saturday, i got a chance to have a lunch w/ a Malaysian guy..this guy is working for Ansell company..he is an experienced guy, who have been working for the company for about 20 years..graduated as CS major, he's now working in management department..talking to him was such a good insight for me, since he seemed like to know lot about business/job opportunity in Malaysia..and therefore i did enjoy the the end, he advised me to get as much certification as possible before i of my current major, he's suggesting me to acquire some certifications from Cisco, and etc..these certs, according to him, would help me when it comes to job application..insha Allah, i'll take your advices..

Of Rich & Smart:
while i was waiting for the fireworks yesterday (it was for July 4 celebration), i heard my friends were talking about becoming rich & life, according to them, one can only choose one...that's interesting..sometime in your life journey, you must decide to choose either can be a smart guy, and therefore looks cool to others..but, your money can sometime be a bit tight (professor is the best example)..for the riches, they might not be as smart as their professor (for example) counterparts, but their pockets are heavily loaded..they have huge mansion, but not, for me, i prefer to become a smart is not really my motivation, but the knowledge is..but why?? if you have knowledge and spread it to others, Allah will grant you with big rewards (in multiplication way)..and of course, i am afraid if i were to have big bucks i would end up being a stingy guy! hehe  ;)

Of Determination:
i used to read an article from my friend's blog..he's a medical student in UK..i know, being a medical major, is  very tough..but, according to him, no matter how difficult it is, he would go thru it since that's the choice he made..when he chose the path, it's not only the success he's looking for but also all the challenges in, keep yourself determined! ;)

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