Thursday, July 29, 2010

Decisions: each has its own learning significance!

..what's the best lesson one should acquire as (s)he graduates from college? well, if he was an engineering major, it's probably he'd end up working NOT as an, all tech. knowledge learned thru out 4 years of study seems worthless..hence, what is the best way of preparing ourselves for our post-graduate lives?? 

life is all about making decisions: either the BIG or the SMALL one, the MOST SIGNIFICANT or the LEAST one, of personal or public interests, and etc..but, it's never been one second left when we aren't entitled to make a decision..if there is any, it means you are no longer a living soul, but the "dead" one!

but, sometimes, some people are afraid of making choices..even, a few, to the extend, prefer to follow instead of taking a lead since the followers are less responsible in making decisions.. 

yet, the question is, how 'perfect' one should be before (s)he could take the lead and make the decision? is it too bad to make the wrong choice?? is it mandatory for each of us to make ONLY the good one?? is there any rooms of learning experience for each decisions we make?? is there any 'proper' ways in making 'better' decisions??

for me, no one is perfect to make the best decision, which caters to all needs..however, it's better to make a wrong choice, instead of making NONE! anyway, life is all about taking chances, right?? so, learning from our mistakes is the best life-lesson in human history..but, don't take it as a 'free' pass to make irresponsible decisions..for that case, it's just unacceptable! to be WRONG is okay, but not to be IRRESPONSIBLE! ;)

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  1. That's why there's history for us to learn from. That's why there're so many things happened to others for us to learn from. Take lesson and make decision ;)


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