Thursday, July 1, 2010


Taking the risk:

life is nothing other than risking your life doing thing you wanna do or you love to's simple..if you really want something, you've to work for it! regardless of how difficult it is, you have to walk thru the challenges..for me, if i do like something/somebody, i'd try my best for it/him/her..loving something/somebody doesn't meant you have to own it/him/her, right?? so, it's okay to risk ur life for something that you really like! love them w/ ur hearts, do care about them so that when you're dead, you won't regret of doing is, why bother to make foes instead of friends?? ;)


..i do believe these three element are very vital in one's life, right?? money would mean nothing w/o good health or free time..too much leisure time means you have nothing to pursue in ur life, which later leads to have no money..also, doesn't work! the same case happens to having good health, but w/ no time or money..

but, always than never, we might not have all of them in one time..if there is any, that person might be the luckiest guy in this world..but, i don't think there is any existed to the best of my, here is my reasonings:

student: as a student, you might worry about having no money..but, you forget the fact that you have lots of time to spend w/ ur buddies, considerably good health to be able to accept any physical challenges dared to u..but, instead of cherish all these two elements, time & health, we are always whining about being in a state of penniless.. so sad!

working guy: hey, when you are still a student, you are always dreaming of your perfect job..i wanna do this and that..i wanna be at the top of my career while i am at this age, and so on..hey, but believe me, once you start working, you might miss your school time very hardly..why? simply because, being a working guy, you might not have too many leisure time..even, many simply find it hard to allocate some time for their own family..believe me, that happens to many of these working guys..tho money is kind of stable, and many are still in a good health, yet they might not enjoy heir lives since they don't have much time to do so..

retiree:  at this age, you might have very very much leisure time, till you might be bored of doing nothing at all happened to my late grandfather..i kept wondering at that time (i was about 10 yrs old) for the fact that my grandfather seemed to enjoy going to his fruit garden..i even asked him, " tok, mama x bagi duit dekat atuk ker?? kenapa atuk kene ke kebun??"  and he never answered my question..i guessed he wanted me to find it by myself when i am already a big boy..and now, i finally found the answer..besides, at this age, many are still having stable financial situation..but, sadly, they are no longer being in a good health pity.. time + money - health = nothing!

but, that's life, right? ;)

Long Day:

while i was writing this, i just got back from work..i worked 12 hrs today..a bit tired, but i am so happy..being able to do my first experiment..yet, the methodology is yet to be perfect..still, i managed to collect some data..ANALYSIS? i'll do it too tired to do it now.. anyway, have a good day, buddies ;)

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