Monday, July 19, 2010


on Peranan Anak Muda:

..saya ingin memohon maaf jika kritikan saya pada post terdahulu mengenai peranan anak muda ada menyingung sesetengah pihak..tidak sama sekali, saya ingin menghina atau merendahkan sesiapa..saya tidaklah semulia mana bagi melayakkan saya merendahkan sesetengah pihak..namun, ada juga yang memberikan respons yg agak "pessimistic." mereke menyoal kembali saya, jika benar anak2 muda menglibatkan diri secara tidak lansung dalam hal2 negara, adakah pendapat mereka akan di dengar?? tidak kurang juga ada yang melabelkan saya sebagai "idealistic" person..

my reponse: yes, am an idealistic man, who believes in idealistic ideology, and lives in my idealistic state..but, a good thing of being idealistic is that i am becoming an optimist! i'm pretty sure, there is no such way i can guarantee u that our talks will be listened by respective parties..if they do listen, i cannot guarantee you that they would do as we say..but, i believe, for any cases tho, as long as we do care about our country, sometimes in future, we would be able to make our country a better place to live..yet, don't get me's not that i'm saying our country now is not doing well..what i really wanna say is the fact that there are a lot of rooms for improvements..and also, for those who have been hurt for what i said, i really apologize for's never been my intention to make others feeling real intention is to see our people are getting stronger and better..

on Racism:

..many has questioned on my stand towards racial issue..for them, i'm just talking one note, i did speak about racism and diversity! yet, on different note, i did also talk about the ways of improvising the Malays..and also, according to them, many of my posts were just moving around the Malay predicament..

my response: to be honest, i don't like labeling sort of thing..i don't want people to know me as a racial reformist, or whatever it is..i want people to know me for THINGS that i am fighting stand?? yes, i am clearly against any racial discrimination..WHY??? because my religion taught me so! anyway, on the contradictory, i do regret that some of you are confused! let me be clear! i did talk a lot of my Malay race because i am a, i know my race very well..i know the problems rooting in my society..for me, it's unfair if i do talk about things, which i am less familiar with..thus, i have decided not to talk much about other races, not because i don't care about them, but i am not familiar w/ their cultures..i hope this one is clear! ;)

on Labeling:

..well, some argue that labeling might be used for good purposes..labeling, for them, can be used to give compliment to others so that they can do better.. (e.g: "budak bijak," "pelajar cemerlang," and etc) 

my response: yes, i do agree on that..but thinking from different perspective, what happens to other students who are not labelled as "budak cemerlang!" are we sure that these people don't feel like being left out??? just think on that..i reserve my opinion on this topic for my later post! ;)

*anyway, i do really appreciate all those comments and responses..i don't care if they are constructive or destructive long as you are engaged in this discussion, i am more than happy to listen yours! again, TQ...also, i do appreciate all those name-calling given to me, such as "mat poyo," "kaki kencing" and stuffs..yes, i really mean it! TQ also.. ;)

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