Monday, July 5, 2010

Bidaah (Redundancy)

it has been a great debate among the Islamic scholars on this Bidaah (Reduncancy) issue..many has come up w/ their own arguments, and i do highly respect them..but, am wondering how could this such issue bring our Muslim community far as i am concerned, (w/ limited knowledge) Islam is very strict in fundamental principles such as Faith (Aqidah), but is very flexible in others..i take no position to condemn one or another since i have no right to do so..but, am thinking it would the best if we could forget our differences and work on the commons..everybody has reasons to practice Islam to the best of his/her knowledge, so why should we disrepute his/her long as he/she doesn't go over certain boundaries fixed by Islam, i guess, it should be fine..yet, it doesn't mean we could take Islam for granted! it's indeed our responsibilities to learn/know Islam in the best way we could..Islam has never made Muslims' lives's yet the Muslims has made the Islam hard for them..thus, do search for the only legit Islam in this world, the one brought by our Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h), there is no way "my Islam is better yours" attitude..Islam is for all since it is preaching/advocating justice and peace! and of course, Islam has never stopped development..and Islam is very, why should we narrow it! and finally, there is a clear line between Islam and Muslim..just to remind so that we have never misused it to defend ourselves..anyway, have a nice week, buddy! May Allah bless us in our journey to our final destination (Hereafter)...    ;)

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