Monday, July 26, 2010

my Wish List:

i need to learn the following languages b4 i graduate:

1) python 
2) Java
3) C++ (refreshed)

also, in these followings:

1) Matlab
2) Adobe Flash CS4 

..i guess i am too ambitious..but, nothing is impossible since the sky is my limit..also, i'm thinking to do my own 'little' project throughout my final far, i am thinking of doing my own circuity that can cater specific purpose (yet to be decided..still looking around to find the best one that can really test of my current knowledge)..

*i really hope i can do this..if i can spend 3 hours out of my 24 hrs/day, insha Allah i can get all these works done by next year!  also, i already bought books for the related, am so excited to check my mail-box..GRE?? lol..also need to spend sometime on that since i am betting my 20usd w/ my friend..i don't want to lose this time! enough to get lower SAT scores than him before...chaiyok!!!!!!!!!!!!

 "to Allah, i pray!"

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