Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tolehlah Ke Belakang Seketika

..tbh, i don't really like to know bout things, happened in the other words, i just don't really care bout those stuffs..the only things that concern me the most are my present and my future..i wanna make sure i live my present to the fullest, so that i can prepare myself for the future..

..but, lately, i've been talking much w/ one of my friends..yet, idk how could (s)he come to my happened by a chance, i guess..haha..but, don't get me wrong..i don't expect anything from her/him, except a true friendship.. make it short, this simple person really made me realized that i have many things to learn bout is not that easy, which i used to believe in..also, i used to believe that i totally "own" my life, so that i can determine what "should" and "shouldn't" happen..but, it just didn't work the way i thought it is much more complicated than that..there are many things could happen beyond one's control..and, i have to accept the fact..

..besides, (s)he reprimanded me for my obsession in taking my past for granted..for her/him, the past will determine who we are now, and in first, i refused to accept her argument since it's my nature to stick w/ my belief whenever it's challenged..but, idk la, this time, i gave the advice some thoughts..and at one point, i realized that i have been hurting too many people in my past life..being that, intentionally or unintentionally..i guess, because of my cowardliness, i tried to forget my past so that i won't be haunted by those mistakes..but, it was not doing good to me i was running away from those mistakes, i actually wasted my chance to learn from, instead of being a better person, i am just being the same person, whom i was used to be.. and thus, i have decided, from now on, i will take a look to my past, and learn from it..i won't be running away anymore..

..and also, (s)he reminded me of a famous words from my idol, Steve Job.."life is all about connecting dots. you can only do that by looking to your past!" that's cool, huh?? 

"Admitting our past mistakes, Learning from them, and thus, Becoming a better person"

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