Saturday, July 24, 2010

Where are the guys??'s very pathetic to see some guys to claim a leadership to be given to men, instead of women, as to follow Islamic teaching..yes, if we look to the Islamic history, there is not a single women, being appointed as the Prophet or the Messenger of, is it telling us that Islam has been practicing sort of gender discrimination against the women?? but, it's worth to note that Islam is always being fair to all mankind of different backgrounds, races, and, what is going on here?? what is the 'real' message here??

..women are not chosen as the Prophet or the Messenger based on the following reasons (based on the views of some scholars, but The ULTIMATE true is beyond our knowledge):

1) women at that time cannot convey part of Allah's message, since they are not strong enough to go thru all the hardships of doing da'wah
2) women at that time is very inferior, in a sense that whatever they say will carry no weigh..
3) because it's Allah choice to select men instead of women

so, to claim that Allah chose men as His Prophets w/ no solid reason is totally garbage/ were chosen, back then because of their qualities..that's the message, i guess..

..but, as we see nowadays, men are getting weaker and weaker..that's the reason why there are so many 'tasks' supposed to suit men's real characteristics are given to small context, how many families, in which wives take charge of all family affairs, while the men are doing nothing?? also in Malaysia, how many men end up being in the street, while their female counterparts are doing well in college?? in Malaysia, how many NGO's, in which their backbones are women instead of men?? the question is: "where are the guys?" see in broader view, in the US itself, the Secretary of State (macam KSN la dkt m'sia) is given to Hillary Clinton, also a Malaysia, the Governor of Bank Negara is also a woman..and recently, the government of Malaysia has appointed women to be high-ranked judges in Malaysian high court..the question remains the same: "Where are the guys?" answer this, we should look back to our societies by asking following questions:
1) where are the guys, while the women are busy organizing this and that for their own society?
2) where are the guys, when their leadership is really needed to solve problems rooting in society?
3) where are the guys, whenever their kids have problems in school?
4) and many more...

..the trend, of which men prefer to pass their responsibilities to women, is something not unknown in our society..ambil contoh: Family Guy, American Dad, The Simpson, Pak Pandir, and these cartoons, men are portrayed as stupid creature, who are inferior to women..and this indeed what is happening now..the present men tend to remain in ignorance, instead of "ambil tahu," the men now tend to "lepas tangan" instead of taking responsibility, and etc..

so, for those who claim that they (the men) should be appointed some important tasks, instead of the women, please check yourself you have the qualities needed?? if not, stop complaining that you deserve those titles as to follow Islamic teaching..Islam has never taught us that way, as far as i am concerned!  ;)

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