Friday, July 16, 2010

 P1: a beautiful view of lake/river ~ so peaceful!

P2: a small kid play w/ his toys! ~ at home

..well, both pics are so meaningful, yet in their own ways..the first pic is so beautiful and peaceful..yet, for me, it feels so empty..the second one, tho w/ nothing much interesting background, it just tickles my heart and makes me happy..i guess, i like much this pic because of the kid's smile..

well, it's not the "kid" that i want to talk's about the "humane" factor...for me, it's matter how great/successful you are, or how much money you own, you would feel nothing if you have no one to share w/'s a lie, if one says that (s)he is happy w/ no people surround's a bullshit when one says (s)he can live happily by owning huge mansion, w/ no one living in.'s a pathetic claim that money can buy you happiness..well, i know someone might disagree w/ me, but this is a fact..we were born so that we can connect to each others and make this world better..we were born so that we learn to accept the differences and work on the commons..we were born, and then are brought up w/ different values/morals so that we can share our values w/ our friends..we were born yesterday, or fifty years ago, but somehow we forget that we will die sometime soon..every single second we use to cry for ourselves, is a second we've lost to make someone happy!





  1. most of us prolly prefer the bottom picture bcoz of:

    1- Baby is cute and adorable
    2- Emotion is contagious. Just seeing others smile will make u smile too and the same thing goes if u listen to sad or horror stories,that ur emotion will be affected.

    Btw, hari2 ke ko update blog..Rajin ko.Gune r nuffnang ke dpt r duit sket..


  2. @aimanj: how's life over there??? feeling HOT, huh?? is yet my priority in blogging la..if i can attract huge traffic, then i'll consider ur suggestion..TQ, btw


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