Thursday, July 15, 2010


it's normal to classify things according to their features, colors, sizes, and etc..but, i wonder why should we label people based on their differences..why there is a title like, "sampah masyarakat,"budak kampung," and etc...what really makes these people are less better than others? who are we to assign titles to people?? are we 'that' perfect so that we call people by their status?? what will happen if one of our family members is labeled w/ such "absurd" things??and, how we become so sure that our future are much better than these people?? 

for me, as long as we stick w/ this sort of "labeling" mindset, we won't do our society any better..those "labeled" people will feel less appreciated and, therefore, are giving up w/ their a result, they don't mind to do things that can hurt themselves or even public since for them, their lives are meaningless...guys, just imagine you are in their shoes! would you feel better if people call u w/ such vulgar words?? of course NOT, right??so, the key point here is to NOT JUDGING PEOPLE..let Allah decides which person is good or bad! it's not really our task to do so~

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