Monday, July 26, 2010

Wise Men!

"when the wise man points to the moon, the foolish looks at the man's finger!"

~ i like the above quote very much..whatever bad things happen to us, we should look them as a chance to make ourselves better..for example, when our ideas are rejected by our faculty, we should see it as a way for us to do more and more research so to convince them to accept ours..we shouldn't feel down, or degraded w/ all the criticisms/rejection since all these feelings won't do any good to us..

"normal people are born, but the great one is created"

~ while i was kid, i always prayed/wished that i could end up being a genius guy, so that i could succeed w/o putting too much effort on it..i envied all those genius people..i tried to imitate their lifestyles, their haircuts (this was so funny), their eating habits,and etc..but, later on, i realized no matter how hard i tried, i was still being me (normal person)..however, as i was growing older, i realized that "being genius" was not really what i wanted..instead, i am now dreaming to be a great guy, who is working very hard to succeed..i'm now so thankful to God, for not making me a genius man, but a hardworking guy..Thank God! ;)

"beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder"

~ while i was in high school, i felt so annoyed whenever my friend reminded me of this quote..well, at that time, i was thinking my friends were so didn't make sense to not like a beautiful person..well, now i've's not the beauty that can really cheer me up, but the "friendliness.." it's not the beauty that can tickle my heart, but the "spontaneity!" well, i am glad i know this before i'm make a "big" decision of choosing my life partner.. ;)

"Islam is the best way of life"

~ well, it's worth to remember that we, as Muslims, are born to bring happiness to others..not to nurture hatred among us! ;)

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