Sunday, July 18, 2010


..Dream is the main characteristic of being a defines his clear vision of life, his effort to move forward, and also his determination to give up everything for the sake of his, without dream, is nothing but a soulless human being..
..Dream will bring a man up, whenever he's giving up his life..Dream will always be a reason for a man to keep alive..
..i believe, one of the reasons why many Malays are still comfortable living in their current lives is that they don't really have a dream..well, you can ask some of the college grads in regards to their planning upon their one really has clear idea on that (including me)..but why?? simply because we don't really have a dream.."working with a big company" is not really "our"'s a dream predetermined by our society..searching for a dream involves a long requires us to know our potentials, our weaknesses, our interests, and so on...and thus, it's not a second-thought, let's start dreaming for our future..because only those w/ clear dreams can translate them into reality..

"let's do the mind transformation"

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