Saturday, July 10, 2010

GPA: is it a valid evaluation method??

GPA is an acronym for Grade Point Average..those in school might be familiar w/ it..a good student is always associated w/ having a high GPA..still, many are questioning, especially among the college students, the credibility of this method in measuring one's performance or quality! those who reject this method will come w/ abundant of proofs as to discredit the notion that students w/ high GPA are the true high achievers..simply because of the fact that those w/ high GPA are nothing but text-book oriented! life is much tougher than anything represented in the book! but, for those who support this way of evaluation, they more believe in facts and figures! for them, the scores do matter in a way it will define how much efforts one put for any particular subjects! if (s)he scores high, it implies that (s)he is working hard for that subject! so, (s)he deserves credit!

but, for me, i choose to take no side..but, it doesn't mean i reject all the arguments brought by these two sides! for those who rejects this notion, tell me then how could measure you really one's success if there is no black and white proof? meanwhile, for those who agree, are you really sure that there is no cheating process involved in any exams? if there is a probability, so how measures should you take so that you don't give credit for those undeserved one??? 

hence, based on my understanding, GPA is good, yet is far away from being perfect! i don't mind what kind of ways employed as to evaluate's not that important for me..i am more concerned about the process one goes thru, the struggle that one endures, the determination that one builds, the hardships that really test one's characters, and etc! these are what one should learns when (s)he leaving school! it's neither the GPA nor the beautifully made scroll, but it's the process that build one's personality and character! believe me, no one cares about your GPA once you finish your college! yet, they are looking for those who have strong work ethics and inspirational personalities! so, stop crying when you get lower GPA tho you have put your utmost effort on it! as many people say (it has been cliche to me tho), the results don't matter, but the efforts do! till then, adios amigos!

* am gonna have a great super delicious dinner tonite! TQ my buddies for preparing me good foods! it just make my weekend wonderful!*

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