Saturday, July 3, 2010

My Snippets!

WC: Germany vs Argentina:

this was the best match ever! the match was thrilling, and less controversial (i hope it was!) be true, i never liked Germany before their first match in this WC! idk la, but now, Germany is such a strong team, with excellent team work, interesting game-play, and less media talk! 

anyway, i did enjoy watching this game so much! TQ for my buddies! we had such a great time was very rare for me to watch together w/ them..but. once we got the chance, we never failed to make each other laughing! ;)

Of Others' Success: 

am very happy for one of my friends' achievement..i have yet to know what it is..but, i am guessing that should be a very big news..thank God for answering my prayers! to him/her (you know who u are), you just made my weekend! ;)


i've promised myself not to ever check my school's email during this weekend..i know, every time i check it, there must be always some works  for me to do in regards to my research project! these guys (my professors + PHD  students) are very hardworking! replying email like at all time: late at night, early in the morning, and etc..i could say they are working like 24/7..but, am yet to be at their, i have decided to say NO NO NO on works during weekend! anyway, i've been working more than my max working hrs during the weekdays (more than 35 hrs)! so, i guess i have my rights to enjoy my weekend!  hehe.. ;)

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