Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Showing Up For Life

showing up for life
..we need to show up for life! okay, don't get me's not about doing good things in exchange of good names (as many famous people like to do)..showing up here means that we need to actively engaged in doing charity! not for ourselves, but for the betterment of our society.., as i went thru internet, looking for some ideas to write here, i found a very interesting blog..i don't know about the author personally, but he did attract my attention on his blogging activities..he translates articles from malay to english version so that, according to him, he could spread the words of Allah not only to Muslims but also the Nons..well, it's not a big project, yet it somehow touches me..

hence, as a student, who has been given an opportunity to be here, w/ considerably good command in english, i feel like it is indeed my responsibility to work together w/ him in the name of Islam..thus, am thinking, if any of you is interested to join me working on this's not that complicated..just spend one hour from your weekly time to translate any interesting articles from malay to english..anyway, for those who are interested, i'd like to talk w/ u personally..please contact me at, i think this is our time to show up for the cause of our religion..


i'm learning from my friend, whom i used to call erin, that to be a true friend is indeed very difficult..i learned that a true friend expects nothing from you, but your actual friendship..a true friend is honest in all his/her deeds to you..tq, for that lesson..tho, it's kinda simple, but i learnt a lot (okay, i just read from her twitter, anyway)... ;)


while i was doing some internet researches on inter-cultural topics, something popped up in my mind..why we need to think too much about inter-cultural r/ship if we are still having a basic problem in our cultures..believe me or not, of all existing cultures in this world, none is successfully promoting the equality among their own people..there is still difference between the rich and poor, the dumb and the smart, the good and the bad people...why not, we learn to accept other differences..why not the rich eats at the same place as the poor does..why there are so many people are too mindful about their status?? these are issues rooting in all cultures for so many years..yet, no one does really care about, if we could do something about it, it'll make our lives better..please think about it!! ;)


  1. i am somehow pushed by some unknown external force to see your blog. this one is interesting!


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