Thursday, July 8, 2010

Racism.Penan.ThinkTank (RPT)

of racism:

God has created human from different tribes, so that we can know and learn from each other..for me, that's the bottom line in discussing any racial issues! so, i guess, to be fair to everybody, regardless of their differences, is the basic teach in Islam..hence, as a practicing Muslim, i keen to convince myself that Islam has never allowed me to deprive one's rights just because of his/her racial attributes..there is no such "discrimination" in Islam..

but, as a realistic person, i also acknowledge the struggle that we have to face as to establish a very fair and just society..perhaps, i am too pessimistic..yet, it's worth to note that there is no such "absolute" fair in real life..if one claims that there is any, he/she must be lying..if you know math, you surely know that there is no way you could conduct a survey w/ zero bias! IT'S JUST IMPOSSIBLE! so do the seeking of "absolute" fair! but, that's life i can long/dream for a perfect world, but it just won't happen no matter how much you cry for it...but, it doesn't mean you have to stop working and striving for it! there comes the word, DREAM!

anyway, on racial issue, i think everybody should start working or take it case of M'sia, i am still optimistic that we can, one day, truly unite under one sun! but, to do so, each of us should go thru mind transformation so that we do care more about other races rather than our's very sad to know that some of us are fighting only for own races, while neglecting the welfare of others..the Malay should be concerned about the Chinese, the Indian should care about the Malays, the Chinese should fight for Indians, and etc..only then, we can say that we are living in a peaceful and solid multiracial country..for me, the root of current disparity between each races is due to the lack of communication among us..our young Malay kids has been separated from their Indian or Chinese counterparts since they are in primary, tell me, how could you expect these people to care about each others when they grow up?? hence, i am 100% behind the idea of establishing a single school system in M'sia..i don't see any problems in that system..why people are so against it??

Penan Predicament:
am so happy to read the response given by the Chief Police of Sarawak..he has expressed his commitment to go thru the complains/reports made by PSG..yet, it should be good, i guess, if the police could have a small office, located near to Penan's, the Penan people can immediately lodge their reports after such incidents happen..furthermore, the police/authority should take seriously the illegal logging activities..i guess, most of the rapists are the illegal loggers w/ no working permit or record..

ThinkTank (TT):
am thinking of establishing a thinktank among our far, we have decided to focus on racism, and human rights! these two issues are very fundamental and core in establishing a fair and just society! anyway, any ideas are welcomed! ;)

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