Sunday, July 4, 2010

Some Thoughts ...

Of Deserving & Taking for Granted:

i did discuss bout this topic in one of my previous posts, if you still remember..still, am interested to talk it again..deserve in its actual context is "to be qualified of ................. because of one's acts/qualities.." see, the keyword is QUALITY/, other factors are out of consideration, such as your COLOR, your INHERITANCE, or, bear that in your mind! you deserve something only because of your own qualities!

okay, let's discuss in a more common way so that you and i (we) can have better picture of this "deserving" topic..the first few words of its meaning, "to be qualified of," is clear i guess..yet, the trick is the last part of the definition...the words qualities and acts are still ambiguous..everybody could interpret/misinterpret based on their, here is my gonna take one common example, which is in a context of deserving scholarship:

many of us (including me) believe that we are deserving scholarships because we have the required qualities of being smart/intelligent/top-scorer..but, i beg to differ on this...for me, being smart is not one's act/'s a gift indeed granted by God to some chosen people..that's why, it's not everybody can be smart/ my opinion, one's act (the process) to becoming smart is more's the true quality that we should be looking to become a smart person, one should really work hard...the process can be too long and therefore it can really test one's patience..also, there are lot of challenges and pressures that one should be dealing with..the challenges sometimes could really demotivate one's determination..yet, for those with strong and positive mentality, they would eventually go thru all these hardships..thus, for me, these qualities of being determined, positive, consistent, persistent, patient, passion, and etc are the actual qualities that we would go after..

so, i guess instead of granting scholarships to smart people out there (i believe there are many), we should also consider the "hardworking" guys who are sometimes aren't lucky enough to become the top scorer in their schools..and of course, i would like to make my stand clear so that other factors except of one's qualities are totally out of the, it's clear i am against any racial quota deployed by the current system in choosing the scholars.. (i know i have been benefited from this system..yet, it's not wrong for me to tell the truth tho it is somehow those (including me) who think that they have been granted this opportunity not because of their qualities, it's's our "rezeki." but, it's never been late for us to change our attitude so to prove that we have the true qualities needed..and because of that, we DESERVE this opportunity!)   ;)

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