Saturday, July 17, 2010

Random Thoughts

it surprises me when some of my friends admit that they don't like reading "serious" stuffs..are you kidding me?? is that for real?? what even surprise me more is the fact that these students are supposed to be the "cream of the crop." well, i hope it wasn't real..i really really hope it was mere a, i don't take it seriously..

still, sometimes, i am wondering why people really like light materials to read?? so, i gave it a try..well, it surprised me to the fact that i, myself, was being addicted to sort of materials for awhile..yes, they were so seductive in a way that they made me felt better about's the joy of being in my "idle" world that really drove me crazy! ;)

yet, don't get me wrong! it has never been my intention to downgrade such reading materials..for me, all are the same : comics, textbook, and etc..but, to instill/set our mind to read only "easy" materials is not good either..yes, i have no right to condemn people for their interests...but, i am still wishing that one day, our people (the Malaysians) will be serious readers..nowadays, people are making money not thru selling "pisang goreng" or anything similar to's the knowledge that people are selling now! anyway, this reminder is also intended to myself, since i am not perfect either..i hope no one will get offended since, i am pretty sure, we are now more open to criticism that the people were 20 years ago..also, if you are a comic-maniac, it's not that i'm telling you to stop reading the's just to diversify your materials by taking more serious books/mags..i know to lead the mindset change is difficult, but somehow we should start it from now..let's us change for the better..

p/s: i am now addicted to one comic book! i don't know how to stop it..haha..anyway, the book makes me happy for myself! ;)

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