Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Global Warming!

it has been very HOT since lately..the average temp is around 36 C..sometimes, it can be up to 40! and walking outside is no longer an enjoyable activity to do..and of course, this is not the summer i have longed for, after 4 months of freezing winter! 

anyway, i guess that's the effect of global warming! tbh, i never cared about it before..it was seen to be as an overrated issue chanted by certain public figures as to get the worldly attention..yet, now i do realize how important it is to address this issue..and here i am..i will be giving my best support towards reducing the adverse effects of global warming..and of course, let's start by doing simple tasks that we have always taken them for granted:

1) save electricity. switch off the light, for example whenever we leave our rooms..
2) 3R: Reuse, Recycle, Reduce. put your cans/bottles into appropriate recycle bins..that's not HARD!
3) Use Less Hot Water..okay, now i should reconsider to sing during the bath time. ;)
4) Drive Less and Smart..that's the reason why i don't drive..it's not i don't like it..it just i want to save the WORLD! lol

..if each of us can do the above measures, i am pretty sure we can help making this WORLD colder..it's not that hard to begin with..it's just the self-concern! anyway, GO GREEN! 

*green industry is a highly potential emerging industry..think green!   

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