Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Views

Global Model UN, Kuala Lumpur:

i got a call, around 3am yesterday, from the KL secretariat to confirm that they already received my application..now, i've to wait for their approval..on paper, there is a high probability that i won't be chosen..but, rezeki sape tahu kan? "untung sabut tenggelam, untung manusia siapa tahu?"

Perpaduan Melayu:
i do closely follow this issue..and, currently, there is a huge effort to bring two big Malay-centered parties into a discussion table..i still doubt the sincerity of both parties in making this unity happen..but, for me, instead of uniting the Malays, it's way better to unite the Muslims since the scope is much larger and more inclusive.. so, i guess, we should now work on bringing all the Muslims together..for me, it's okay for us to have different political ideologies..it's okay to choose different paths in fighting for the same cause..so, why should we bother to prove that our ideology is way better than the others..nothing in this world is perfect..we need to accept that.so, let's accept our weaknesses and stay together in implementing the Islamic principles in our country, so that people, from all different races and religions, are guaranteed their rights..

Stress Test:

at first, i was wondering what this "stress test" is all about..but, after doing some basic readings on this related topic, i got to know that this test is very essential as to measure the vulnerability of any financial situations, in any severe economy situation..and if i'm not mistaken, most of the European banks have passed this test w/ flying color..and let's see the outcome of this "successful" results on European economy..are they getting better or not?? can they convince investors to put the money back?

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