Thursday, July 8, 2010

it's 8pm, but where am i??

LOL..i know no one cares where or what i am doing right now! but, let me tell the story of being a researcher (cewah)! order to become a good researcher, and therefore to produce a successful paper, one must be able to work at any time..i am learning from my mentor (PHD student)..never say NO, when it comes to work/research! never complains when you have to stay late in the LAB, while others are enjoying their nightlife somewhere in town..never give up, when it comes to solving any problems (believe me, when one problem solved, another comes to existing! it's endless!)..never say NO to question your understanding! and a lot more, which i prefer to keep to myself..LOL..

but, the bottom line, if one says that to become a researcher, one shouldn't have good communication skills, it's not true! tell me, how can you disagree w/ ur professors, if you don't have the right way to do it?? and also, if i am to thank somebody for making our lives better, those people should be all the researchers..if you don't have the experiences working w/ them, you might not know how hardworking they are as to find solutions for our everyday's problems..believe me! it's COOL to be a researcher! but, as of now, i am yet to decide what i am gonna be when i graduate next year..insha Allah, may the best comes to me, and all of you..
haha..okay2! i need to resume my work! hopefully, i can finish earlier tonight! later

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