Sunday, June 6, 2010

"Buat baek berpada-pada, Buat jahat jangan sekali!"

i am always interested to know more about this one phrase: "Buat baek berpada-pada, Buat jahat jangan sekali!" it is very contradicting for me! ye la, in the first sentence, we are told to do good deeds but up to certain limits, while the second one, we are forbidden to do bad things even for once...i am wondering, if it was a good deed, why should it be a limit? is it that bad to be a nice person, who put others' interest above all? well, i think, should the phrase to be better, the word, "berpada-bapa"  has to be changed to "sedaya upaya." anyway, it's just my solid argument to back it up! the way, talking about doing good deeds, i am always told to do mama is used to remind me that, "there is no loss to help people, but you cannot ask them to help u back as a return..Allah is the Almighty..He will send somebody to help u later on, when u are in trouble." but mama, i beg to differ on this..the reason i have been good to people is not for my own sake..i pray hard that for every good deeds/charity that i have been doing [if any], Allah will send somebody to protect all my beloved people [u know who u are] from any harms since i cannot always be w/ them as to protect them..i'll let Allah to protect them for me..furthermore, i am not living forever..someday, i will die and for that reason, i pray so that Allah will replace me w/ somebody who love these people as much as i do love them..and, i am asking Allah nothing than that! believe me, these people are very important to me! and i love them to the bits!

"Showing Up for Good"

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