Monday, June 14, 2010

Meeting OUTCOME!

when this post was written, i just got back from a conference in WinLab, Rutgers! was so tired, still highly motivated to post something in this blog..

..okay, the meeting was attended by 9 people: 5 from Stevens (including me), and 4 from Rutgers itself..the meeting was conducted as to outline few things in regards to our research projects..yes, am not alone doing this research, that's the bright side! but, from another perspective, to fail this project is no longer an option since it involves a collaboration between Stevens and Rutgers Uni..well, i could say they are actually sort of big projects..the amount of money spent is not gonna be disclosed here..but, it is PLENTY!

..okay to begin with, it was my first trip to Rutgers Uni since i've been here about 2 years ago..well, it's not a very long journey, took me like one and half hours! but, going together w/ my other two mates (Chris and Jie) just made the trip even shorter..all right, we didn't have much interesting stuffs to talk about - no WC, no  Movie talks, and etc..the only thing that we talked was about the prospect of the projects - the basic principle behind them, and so on...well, we are among the people who DON'T HAVE LIFE! ok, whatever..i did enjoy it..LOL

..anyway, the meeting started exactly at later than was begun w/ brief descriptions of the projects that we are about to be honest, i had no idea that there were two projects that we might be working w/ far as i was concerned, there was only an acoustic based ranging system kind of project..well, that's must always expect the worst! anyway, after some discussion, i was appointed to work on the second project, in which i had no idea at all..insha Allah, i will be working w/ 3 other PHD students, assisted by a professor from Rutgers..but, frankly, this project is much tougher and complicated than the previous one, which i had spent 3 weeks doing some theoretical researches..but, since i am majoring in EE, and have some little background in signal processing, i was chosen to work on this project..LOL, but the project is interesting, to be is about a speed estimation (an extension of localization system)...well, mathematically, you can derive speed from distance function, right? so, that's the basic idea of this project..the prospect is very promising..imagine, if we can implement this system into our mobile phone (any COTS will do), we don't need any other hardwares like GPS to monitor our car speed, for example..and the project that am working on is a pure software solution, basically, you can just download an apps in your iphone, for instance, and let the system works by itself..pretty cool, huh???

anyway, the meeting ended up around 4.30 pm..and i have one experiment to do in 2-week time..after the meeting, we decided to hang out at Simon's house (another guy from Stevens)..yeah, after got some cigarettes, we were heading back to Stevens...a tiring but an enjoyable time at WinLab, Rutgers..anyway, we might have frequent conference thru out this summer, perhaps once in 2-week time [okay, i am now reconsidering my reason to go back to Malaysia this August..seems like the project cannot be done in 2 month-time..moreover, the only reason, used to be very important, i am coming back is no longer my, need to talk w/ my parents..still can get full reimbursement if i cancel the ticket in this time around..:D ] 

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