Tuesday, June 15, 2010


World Cup Fever:

many of my girl friends were annoyed when i spam their FB pages w/ WC stuffs...but, that's the WC fever, right? those who never like soccer before, like my sista, are enjoying the sensation of WC! join the crowd, like they are used to say..here, i declare my full support for Germany! Brazil and Spain are just for noobs! LOL, anyone disagree on this?

Summer Camp 10':
am hoping that the summer camp 10' will be held at any cost..well, this is a way for we, the overseas students, to give back to our society by inspiring those local high school students..keep the attitude, and ignore what people might say on our way to educate those students..iA, to all new committee members, your tireless efforts will  be blessed by God.. :)

Summer Camp 09':
i wish all of you guys (the participants) the best of luck! keep up the hard work, and maintain your focus on SPM..put aside all other problems till you're done w/ the exam..iA, if i am back to m'sia this summer, i will find my time to meet some of you guys! haha [wondering, how many of you are still remembering me?]

Research Updates:
new project assigned..new reading due..new excitement begins!

on Overseas Scholarship:
the number of undergrad students, sending overseas will be reduced gradually - this is just the planning, yet to be done soon...yet, many have shown their disagreement on this! me? well, principally, i agree..i will discuss this issue in details later on! anyway, i just discussed this issue w/ some of my friends..very insightful discussion indeed..hoping to hear more opinions before i can bring forward this matter to the knowledge of the respective party! :)

Malaysian Foods:
am i missing the m'sian foods? NOT! lol, am joking..frankly, am deadly missing all of them..nasi lemak, roti canai, sambal tumis, salted fish (ikan masin), and etc...

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