Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Farewell Goodbye!

This post is dedicated to a friend of mine, who is leaving States today..i hope, it is not for good..please come back later! :)

anyway, this friend of mine, has been a very great buddy to me..always keep my feet on the ground..always inspire me w/ her tireless efforts helping others, always tickle me w/ her spontaneous jokes, and also reminds me that my jokes are not hilarious but annoying! LOL..thanks for all your time, spent together w/ me..if i were to write all you had done to me, it would take me like forever! enough for me to say that you are an incredible friend to me [incredible means a lot  to me]. but, if i were to write what i had done to you [i mean good deeds], it will also take me like forever since nothing had i done, as far as i am concerned!

..but, there is no eternal in this life -  a meeting will always end up w/ a goodbye..and tbh, i hate goodbye! yet, i am pretty sure all the memories that we had shared will remain intact in our hearts..well, i wish you a safe trip to m'sia...hope to see you in future! till then, Sayonara, my friend!

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