Tuesday, June 29, 2010

if today was our last day ~ SOME TIPS

..we (i) are always worried bout our future, till we forget the importance of our present! are we happy w/ our current lives? let me share, how i live my everyday life?

1) i'd make sure i wake up as early as possible..as a saying goes, an early bird earns more than others..
2) i'd spend bout 5 mins, reflecting for  things i had been doing on the previous day? pelik kan? typically, people do that before they got to sleep..but, it doesn't matter..it's either you do it or not is more important..

3) then, i'd take another 10 mins, to plan my today's activities..normally, i do it in my mind..i'll try to do it as detailed as possible..what should i do in the morning? where'd i have my lunch? should i go to gym or not?? 

4) next, i'd take appx. 2 mins (very short) to motivate myself..i'd create my own mission..YES, it is daily mission..if i could achieve the mission, i'd consider my day as a successful day.. ;)

5) last but not least, i'd spend another 5 mins, to think all rewards that God has granted to me..and i'd remind myself, if today was my last day, what'd i do so that i won't be regret when i am dead..

6) then, proceed to prepare myself before going to the LAB!  YES, i normally take lots of time doing thought process in bed! LOL..

*i dare you try these steps..insha Allah, u'd find ur day much more productive & effective!*

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