Thursday, June 17, 2010

What's Lacking in Current Education System ~

it's been a privilege for me to be in two different education systems: Malaysian (British) and compare both systems and later to tell which one is better are really not my authority, to begin w/..furthermore, it's very unfair for me to evaluate both systems objectively since the time i spent isn't equally the same..of course, i can see much more weaknesses in the Malaysians system since i had been there for so many years..of course, i can sense many pitfalls in the system, in which i have yet to find in the American-oriented..

..yet, i believe i have my own rights to comment on far as i am concerned, and clearly it is based on my limited observation and insufficient knowledge, both education systems are lacking of one important feature: to properly instill a sense of curiosity among the students..the current system (i mean both) is just preparing their students for job! nothing much than that..for engineering students (in my case), we are told to learn and understand some basic principles, in which then we just have to translate the knowledge onto our BlueBook (exam)..then, to sharpen our knowledge in that particular field, we are encouraged to do research, or internship..yes, as a practical person, i do acknowledge the importance of those stuffs (learning the principles, applying them in exam, expanding them into practical job & research, and etc)..but, it is like everybody is doing the same thing..the path is already there for you to ride experience and my another "unknown" friend's experience has no much difference since we are both taking the same path..and than, the sense of curiosity to learn new things is no longer there..for me, the curiosity only exists when you are learning unexpected things..things, of which very new to you and your surroundings..

..besides, it's very important to keep reminding yourself that for each and every questions in this world, there is always an answer for's just a matter of us trying to search for them...sometimes, the searching process might be longer than expected, sometimes it becomes very easy, and etc..but, it's very important to keep yourself curious and motivated in the process..and only then, the learning process would become much more fun and enjoyable, not yet a tiring and burdensome process..

..but, how to keep your curiosity sparkling? frankly, there is no specific way to foster the's all coming from your own mindset..yet, for me, it's a very simple..always keep yourself in "hunger" mode, and whenever there was a difficulty coming in your way to search for knowledge, you have to convince yourself that, there is a "success" waiting for you at the end of the, curiosity + trust is the best combination to rejuvenate and prosper our learning process..i quote a saying from my twitter friend, " It's not hard once you find the right teacher.Need to install the knowledge first,then we can do hikmah.Always be a student!" and for me, the interesting part of this saying is always the bold be successful, you must always be a student.. keep learning, buddy! :)

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