Sunday, June 27, 2010

Reminiscing Our Days of Yore!

..i just had a dinner w/ my buddies..tho, i was a bit stuffed when they asked me out, i just can't refuse the invitation..i knew, somehow, we could end up not just having  dinner but a great & nice, i decided to feed my stomach more than "she" could actually afford..

so, after the dinner, we talked about what each of us had been doing for the whole week..mine, i talked bout my research, while they shared about their summer classes..yeah, it was cool..i barely met them during the weekdays since we are living quite far..well, it's not that far, about 20 mins walking (normal walking pace)..but, everybody is busy w/ their schedule..what could you expect, anyway, for your summer classes, instead of tight schedules and abundant of tests? 

..well, after had been "chased" out from the restaurant (i don't understand why they have to close their restaurant so early), we moved to our "usual" place to hang out..i knew already, when each of us has started talking, it would take at least 2 hrs to last..and it was true... ;)

..we talked about many issues..and one of them that captured our attention the most was about the death of a RMC, he was dead few days of ago..and then, we reminisced our days in boarding good thing of studying in boarding school is that you have lots of stories to share w/..and it was funny to know that each of us (tho coming from different schools) had almost similar experiences..and it was even funnier that we could vividly remember all the "black" tragedies happened to us during those days..i, myself, had my own version of stories..and they had their own...and we ended up laughing to each was cool to remember how "stupid" or "noob" we were during that "jahiliah" time..but, at the end, we admitted that we were having a good time back then, w/ less problems and ultimate happiness! 

..but, unlike bad times, the good one will always last..w/o even realizing it, i had graduated from my high school about 5 years ago (half decade)..and now, am on my way to finish my undergrad studies (insha Allah)..time flies very fast.. :D

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