Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Research Updates!

Week 1: Spent the entire week to read the proposed paper..got some insights on how the project will be conducted..yet, everything was still on theoretical point of views...also did some cross-reference readings on few other related works..very tiring and sleepy..was in the library from 9am-5pm everyday..well, sometimes, i took evening nap, after the lunch break..can't help myself..

Week 2: Took an extra step by meeting a PHD student, who will be monitoring this whole project..a brief, yet very insightful discussion..i did raise my concerns over some issues out of this project..he clarified every ambiguity..i could say that, the meeting was fruitful..yet, i had not met my research partner yet since he was at his home, helping his father doing their yards..i guess, he took a week leave! but, what really made me happy was that he's a solid background in programming..then, he could be a very great help to me in completing this project..well, don't take me wrongly..i am looking forward to learn from him..

Week 3(current): The meeting w/ my research advisor should be around this week..yet, she emailed both of us that she's gonna have a very hectic week..so, the meeting is postponed to next Tuesday..what a relief! i really need sometimes to digest/understand few sub-topic of this project..(i'll be spending this whole week in my stuffy room --> which will probably end up sleeping thru out the day! hopefully NOT!!!)

* the best part is that i was told that i will be paid tho i just did reading and software learning by myself! GOOD!

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