Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sayonara Seniors! all seniors, or should i say Stevens alumni, i wish u guys all the praying so that we would see each other again in future..i really enjoyed all the time we spent together, being that they were good or bad time! to Jimbo, Arif, Pok Cek, Hakim, Apok, and Mun Yee (the only rose among the bees), i am very sorry for all my misbehaviors and misconducts..i know sometimes, i did unintentionally hurt your feelings in one way or another..believe me, i never meant that..

..anyway, am hoping to see u guys when i'm back for summer holiday this year..maybe, we can have "buka puasa" together..and of course, you guys have to treat me since am still a college student..and last but not least, don't be rushing in getting/charting your career path..take it slowly and steadily..always ask God for His guide, since He is the only one who knows the best for us!

"Sayonara Guys!"

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