Sunday, June 27, 2010

It's WC, Dude!

some try/pretend to be rational by reminding people not to insult others' teams..DUDE, it's WC! it's the only time to cheer for our favorite team, and thrash out those we "hate!"...when it's over, we will be living, AGAIN, in the same world, w/ respect towards each, pls DON'T SPOIL the is once in 4 years! ;)

..but, everything has its own limit, right? it's okay to have verbal fight among your buddies, but pls don't go over's okay to provoke others by uploading some "superimposed" photos, yet, everything beyond that is immorally unacceptable!it's okay to exchange vulgar words among your colleagues, but don't take it seriously!..i know some might dissent w/ my points! but, DUDE, it's WC!

so, for me, the bottom line is, one should enjoy this WC as much as possible..try to distant yourself from being so emotionally touched by some provoking statements made by your friends since they are not actually looking to hurt you, but they are just enjoying the games..join the crowd, and you will feel a sense of belonging..after all, WC, is the only place where all of us are shouting/looking to shout one same word, "GOALLLLLLLLLLLLL!" 

*anyway, Germany trashed England w/ 3 goals, the Englishmen, you can try again in the next WC! daaaa~ ;D

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