Monday, June 21, 2010

The Declaration of My PRODUCTIVE Week!

now, i accepted the challenge from my friends for so-called my PRODUCTIVE WEEK! here are the challenges:

1) to wake up at the latest 8.00am everyday starting tomorrow..
2) to finish at least a scholar paper a, for the whole week, i should be able to finish 5 papers..since there are about 20 pages for each project, i am expecting to read more or less 100 pages by this friday..
3) to hit the gym at least twice, with each session takes me the minimum of 30 mins..
4) to write two constructive articles for my blog throughout this week..
5) to get a date (okay, this one is impossible! i can't take this challenge) --> GIVING UP! :P

to dudes who challenged me, here i come! i would nail down each of these challenges (except No 5) by this Friday, insha Allah...BRING THE GAME ON! [woah, so motivated]   :D

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