Monday, June 28, 2010

My Views ~

Anger ~

my sistas used to complain bout my lack of anger sense.. they keep reminding me that as the only son, i need to show my "manly" attitude! whenever people hurt them or even my mom, i need to stand up & defend them..instead, what i have done so far, i never stood up for them, and always than never i kept my mouth shut..
but sistas, here is my reason for behaving such:

..i don't like to be in any "wasteful" arguments..i don't like to speak my mind w/ those "low" people...i don't want to waste my time dealing w/ "LOSERS!" ...that's y, i chose to remain silent and kept myself out of those situations..but, it doesn't mean i can easily forgive and forget them for what they had been's not that i keep my grudge on them's just me reminding myself that these people are less worthy to be nice for..nevertheless, i would respect them as human beings, but nothing more than that..that's how i deal w/ these people w/o having to get myself angry! ;)

Of Principle & Truth:

i am used to know that they are many people who choose to remain firm in their principles of life..when they believe in one thing, it's very hard for them to change it..well, that's good..but, what if your principles seem to be wrong? would you mind to change it?

 ~well, of my principles, many has said that i have none..keep changing my one time, i believe in one..but later, i switch to another..then, i'll change it over and over again..thus, for them, i am not a principled man..and here is my response:
~ YES..i cannot stick to one for long time..but, it's not true  either that i am a "flip-flop" in my views of life.. it's not that i am "aimless!" it's just me cannot settle for one thing if i could find much better a nutshell, am looking not for principles, but am searching for truths..i don't mind to be labeled as "katak," as to stay on the right path! MY MOTIVATION is to keep searching for TRUTH! ;)


i know iPad is not much better of combining four iPhone..instead, iPhone 4 offers much much more features than iPad..but, am still looking to find an e-book reader...i have been doing some researches, and there are two that captures my eyes: iPad & Kindle still considering the pros and cons of these options..i do really appreciate if one can enlighten me on this matter ;P


  1. BOOOM!

    hahaha hey there son.
    Im just a 'drive-by' guy
    stumbled into your blog recently
    been following since.

    jadi tak? kencing nye cara?

    weh aku rindu sial hoboken.
    damn son... :(

    dude i think we need to create a new party for malaysia.
    You be the pres. aku back up dari belakang

  2. LOL...jadi aper? alumni???

    been busy lately..have hard times doing researches..being pushed off my limit, tho! but, still manage to get my blog updated in daily basis.,that's good!

    TQ for dropping by ~i knoe i just "merapu" but it comes sincerely from my heart ~ cewahh..

    party? of course, we should ~ my suggestion is BIRTHDAY PARTY! lmao


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