Sunday, June 20, 2010

UPSR & PMR to abolish?

i do agree w/ the statement made by our Deputy Prime Minister that our current education system is failing to meet its core purpose : to provide a holistic education to all, the idea of restructuring the system should be good..but, to abolish UPSR & PMR is something that requires thorough study and enough consideration..let's assume if the gov proceeds w/ this idea..what will happen?

1) which students will go to boarding schools?who will determine this? and based on what criteria should they are considered? if it is based on recommendation given by teachers in primary schools, are we sure enough that gifted students would not be keeping aside only because they are teachers' favorite students?

2) PMR is a good tool to give students the idea of their future careers..if they fail in PMR, they would go to vocational schools so that their times would not be wasted learning something for nothing..if there is no PMR, these uninterested students will be sitting two more years (waiting for their SPM) listening to lectures that they are not interested, how are we dealing w/ this issue? of course, we don't want to spend money unwisely, right? 

3) students will have nothing to fear, they would end up playing rather than studying..only when they are about to sit for their SPM, they would realize..i think by that time, it would be rather late to cram all stuffs in one's, how are we gonna make sure that these kids are motivated through out their learning processes if there is nothing that they could look up..

4) SPM would be broader and more difficult..of course, we want to test students' capabilities and understandings from the very beginning, right?..okay, let's assume, each schools would provide their own sets of exams/tests so to keep their students on track..but, how we want to make sure that those kids in urban are learning the same things as the kids from the rural areas...of course, so to please and impress their principals, the teachers would take the tests for granted.."cincai-cincai sudah la" or "kesian la budak-budak ni" sort of attitudes would prevail! 

5) and the list goes on..

The Might-to-Be Solutions of Our Current Faulty Education System

1. Syllabus Should Be Revised:
..anyway, for me, the reason to invalidate the needs of PMR & UPSR is faulty at the first's not their faults that our education systems fails to function perfectly...the idea of having standardized tests is good, but the implementing processes are way to be perfect or good..take for example, my UPSR questions (about a decade ago) are more or less the same as the present sets of questions..the level of questions is not improving so basically, what i was learning back then is similar w/ what kids learn now..the dynamic of learning is nowhere to perfection...i guess, the syllabus should be revised more frequently and the contents must be up-to-date..i think this is one of the problems stem in our education system..tell me, how could the students be excited to learn new things if they surely know that the questions of the exams are predictable and lame..instead of learning/understanding the concept, they would rather memorizing answers for all those "predictable" questions..

2.Teacher's Roles:
..besides, teachers should play their roles more effectively..they should be not be judged on how many A students that they could produce..they, instead, should be encouraged to create a fun learning environment to kids..each school should give the full authority to teachers to set up their ways of teaching, not just blindly follow what is told to them..teachers are important assets to a country..if they fail to deliver their tasks properly, the whole country would be in a big, give the teachers their rights, and help them to create a wonderful & joyful learning experiences to kids..

3. New Exam Model:
..the format of these standardized exams should be revised again..i think, it has been there for so many times..for me, it should be nice if we could include any practical test instead of just paper-based..normally, students can easily understand the theories, but when it comes to practical, they might be having some is indeed worth to note that there is a huge gap between theory and practical..and the purpose of education is to fill up these gaps so that the student are learning, and not just listening..

..and of course, there are some many ways to improve our education system..and definitely, exam oriented is not the appropriate approach to deal w/..and i want to be clear here, i would support any change that could benefit the people..if it takes to abolish the PMR & UPSR so to improve the system, i would stand behind the decision only and if only, they provide a very thorough planning..hey, it's our kid's future that we put on risk, here! not US! 

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