Tuesday, June 29, 2010


~5 weeks to GO~ 

~ my research project is getting more and more interesting ~i start to love this so-called network analysis..but, am still far to be good in this field..too many new terms for me..yet, it thrills me!

~ i am so lucky that my Professor is very understanding, so far..she gives me lots of time to understand this topic, knowing that i am very new [that's why she never put too much expectation on me]..but, being my nature, i don't really like people looking down on me..so, am pushing myself a bit harder so that i could prove them i am better than what they are expecting~ there comes all the pressure & stress ~ ;D

~ Dear God, tolong permudahkan urusanku di dunia & di akhirat ~ please make my path easier..if not, please make me stronger so that i could go thru all the challenges designed for me ~ Ameenn... 


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