Saturday, June 26, 2010

One Day OFF!

..last week was such a hectic week for me..i got no time to care anything more than my research work..tbh, the research problems (mostly the hardware part) are yet to be fixed..and i have a meeting on Monday, as to report the progress of my research..and i surely know i would be "killed" during the, i'd prepare myself mentally and "physically!" ..need to maintain my coolness! i guess, that's the pressure that i have to take when i'm working w/ experienced people, while i just barely knew the topic for the last few months..yet, am happy to be criticized..i guess it should be a good learning experience for me as of now, and for my future! 

..anway, i declare Saturday as my HOLIDAY! so, NO research talk for TODAY! :) i want to enjoy this day doing things that i really love to, such as reading, blogging, twittering, "movie-ing", "tennis-ing", and etc..wish u guys a very good weekend! till then, adios amigos! ;D

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